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What's the operating principle of this kind lamp?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-31      Origin: Site

During this time , the most popular lamp is the UVC sterilization lamp, here SuperLED would like to share some information to you


Q: What's the operating principle of this kind lamp ?

A: UV is an electromagnetic wave,the main mechanism of UV to destroy the virus is to interfere with its DNA replication and inactivate its protein.


Q: What the advantage ?

A:It is pure physical disinfection method,simple and convenient. And wide spectrum high efficiency, no secondary pollution, automation is easy to operating .


Q: What's the applications ?

A: Kitchen, balcony , living room, bed room, bathroom etc.



Q: What's the advantage of UVC lamp from SuperLED :

A: 1. We use the ∅17mm quartz glass tube :the transmittance is up to 80% ~ 90%, which is the best material for sterilizing lamp.

        Some factory use the borax glass tube, with cheap price, but the transittance is less than 50% , and with short life time .

        And some use ∅14/15mm quartz glass tube ,cheap price, but not good sterilization as ours.

     2. UVA+UVC together, when UVA emit the blue spectrum, means the UVC is working .

       Some factory use UVB , with blue spectrum, but with very poorly or without sterilization function .

    3. could offer the lamp with sensor and remote control function , without harm for the users .

    4. The housing with anti-UV function , then after long time working, it won't change the color or broken .


Except above , SuperLED already get TUV report , which we are No.1  get TUV report for UVC Sterilization Lamp in china. In market, 99.9%  Report are fake or not right test Report standard.

Here the certificates as below :



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